Nov 21, 2010

My Baby Bird : "Happy 8th Months Birthday!!!"

Congrats!!! Harris getting bigger & bigger....

Our tiny terror is 8 months old today! That was shockingly fast. The planning of his 1st birthday is coming along quite nicely. The next 4 months are going to be filled with so many really sweet firsts...if only i had a magic wand to wave and make those 4 months go by much much slower than the last 8 months have gone by.

New Accomplishments :

1. Harris BIT me while BF hurts...ouch!!!!
2. Started to crawl...not really crawl...started to lift up and shake his Bon Bon...Wakaka...!!!


Huh!!!!8 Months???


Azura Iznil said...

Happy 8th month dear Harris. Mwuah.

Errkk..suruh mama cukur misai tuh..geli ar.

Little BlueBird said...

hihi....kelakar tu...nanti aku punjam bapak dia punya!!!!

Sukma SuKkma said... cute..hasil keja tgn mommy ke?hehe

p/s: for ur info, PB kena pakai 1 set coz it only really works for the whole body and to prevent any uncomfortable things senak more important,make sure u get the RIGHT size so u will selesa n bebas bergerak.. :)


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