Nov 21, 2010

Caboodle Bag

Finally i have decided to buy Caboodle bag for my gadget.. Well i mean...for Breast pump...!! Now I'm using the City Bag design which in black colour and some of my friend always teased me I'm a bagaholics... I have 3 bags in black & dark colour which i need to carry it around..

1. My own handbag
2. Laptop
3. Breastpump

So wanted Lil bit twist or so called revamp into new image...That's why i choose Caboodle Bag...
What's interesting about Caboodle? Absolutely on the design and colour...Fun & Funky Design..Like me!!!the colour totally vibrant and shocking...Shocking Pink..I like!!!!

The Award-winning Caboodle bags are extremely practical and will keep you looking great whilst on the move.

Caboodle's Fun and Funky bags are big enough for any electric breast pumps and milk collection sets. You can even use them as an overnight bag.

Actually I'd love this design but bit expensive..It's cost almost rm300..The design are more stylish with leather trimming...your friend wont even know it meant for baby's bag...

Nice!!!!It has stripe or spot pattern

So i decided to choose this design

Cost me half of it..The difference only the leather trimming...


 Hand straps with 2 detachable side retaining straps (to secure bag to a pushchair frame for example)

 Easily accommodates your breastpump, accessories, nappies, wipes etc.

 Insulated bottle bag to keep milk warm or cold. This bag will hold a 10oz wide-neck bottle with lid such as Nuk

 Zippered main compartment with enough space for an Ameda double breast pump and accessories, Medela Swing, Mini-Electric, FreeStyle or Mini-Electric Plus

 Changing mat

 Bag for used wipes etc.

 Two outside pockets and 4 inside pockets

So my BAG is on the way................Yahoooo..

ps : While I'm typing my hubby babbling at me.... " New Bag "?  Always spend for unnecessary things....hmmmmm..SIGH..


Azura Iznil said...

My Journey said...

hana, where can we buy the bag?? i'm hunting around for a diaper bag tht doesnt look like a diaper bag...hehehe....


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