Aug 29, 2010

The Food Adventure Begins

Now lil harris da 5 months+...At early stage i wanted to introduce my lil harris
with solid food after 6 months BUT
there are some clues which indicate that he's interested in food.....
He seems dissatisfied with milk feeds alone..SO..mama Harris pun pegila beli
Feeding Equipment for lil Harris...I bought few items....

1. Bowl
2. MAM Feeding Spoon

3) Boon Squirt

Easy to use during travel

4) Munckin Fresh Food Feeder
so pas ni harris bole makan macam ni...hihi..
cute kan..
Hopefully lil Harris suka nk makan...Tapi i tak beli lagi Training Bottle/Cup...
for time being...i suka sangat dengan brand Momma....why sebab so cute..hihi...
tapi agak mahal sket...for me la.....but i havent finalized it yet...but few options in mind....

1. Momma

2. Boon

3. Tommee Tippee
5 in 1 system
4. Avent

hmmmmm..macam-macam kan...takpe..kite survey dulu..papehal i will update uowwlsss....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hi u nak tanya kat mane u beli boon squirt spoon ni kat makaysia ni ye hehehe.. boleh tlg email to thanks!


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