Aug 3, 2010

Breastmilk Storage Bag Review....

I'd love to test and try new for Breastmilk storage i have few items.

1. Lansinoh
2. Jingle Jungle
3. Autumz

  • .If u have high budget and quality comes first then i suggest to choose Lansinoh. Expensive but high quality in terms of material. Price : RM70++
Jingle Jungle
  • Size are suitable for those who have more fren ada pump sekali dapat 12 ouns so i recommend her to use the Jingle Jungle ..I tak ok sbb x banyak susu...hihihi...Price reasonable...If u buy from Fabulous Mum u will get more discount....Wa!!! promote Fabulous Mum je....hihi...dkt dgn rumah....
  • I do luv this product. In terms of pricing.. i would say suitable with my budget and my susu kuantiti yang tak seberapa...ok la...sbb double zip lagi...susu tak leak out...

So the choice is in your hands.....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

where can get lansinoh breastmilk storage bag?


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